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Mike Cooper

Since Mike joined forces with Steve, Stoodley Training Mentors has now become a CIC, that is a Community Interest Company.

Steve Matthews

For 30 years Stoodley have been involved with computers i.e. since the advent of the Personal Computer. Using my knowledge of industrial chemistry and computers, I initially assisted in the installation of a small multi-user system in a local chemical company. I went on to form Stoodley Business Services to work with businesses supporting proprietary COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and Health and Safety software specifically for the chemical industry. Combining talents with an existing software developer, we formed a Limited Company.

An accident in 2006 forced a break in my career and took me in a different direction.

During my recovery I had time to observe and reflect upon the development of computers, the internet and other things digital. As a technologist, the speed of computer development was welcome. However, what did concern me was the ‘digital divide’ that was becoming more evident. Decisions on public services and information were being made by people in cities with good 3G and 4G mobile networks, WiFi facilities and high speed broadband. If all the previous sentence was ‘techno-babble’ that demonstrates the problem.

Close the Digital Divide‘Decision makers’ now assume good access to the internet from service providers and also assume a level of digital computer literacy that may not be there.

From this premise, Stoodley Training Mentors was created to guide new starters from simply switching on the computer to email and more. Stoodley will guide and encourage you at your own pace, with your own equipment if available and only to a level where you feel you are happy.