Another bank closes – we can help with new technology

And so we see another bank branch closing in Barclays, Hebden Bridge. ‘The way that customers undertake their banking is changing as people increasingly use online, telephone and mobile devices‘.

This obviously assumes that people have the knowledge, equipment and experience to move to online banking.

As part of the national Online Centres Network, for over 3 years Stoodley Training Mentors has been aiming to help those caught in the ever burgeoning move towards the move to online services. Many of those previously doubtful of the benefits of ‘going online’ are now familiar with digital technology but many others are nervous of taking that first step – or do not have the equipment to do so. We have been supported previously by the Staying Well scheme, Todmorden Council and Hebden Royd Council to offer a lifeline to those floundering with the onslaught of digital technology and subsequently with our assistance have moved on to understanding how certain services can reduce their loneliness and isolation.

What makes us different from other computer services is our patience, consideration and the time we take to help those who have never even switched on a digital device or other computer to allow them to ‘Open their World’ by sending photographs old and new to family and friends, chatting online for free, researching family history and more.

We have a number of mentors with different skills but our emphasis is on a patient understanding that people are now having to use technologies that have been developed very recently (remember, the Internet is only just over 20 years old, the iPhone just over 10 and tablets just over 5!)

We do not deny that new technology has it’s benefits but we are here to help and answer the questions of those who are just about to ‘dip a toe’ into the next advance after automatic washing machines and video recorders.

If you would like a chat about how we can help, please call 07716 265668. If you have already taken the first step but want to gain confidence in other things that you can do on the Internet, email us on

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