Staying Well and Ageing Better Project in Calderdale

About the Staying Well and Ageing Better Project in Calderdale

Staying Well is a one year pilot project in 4 areas of Calderdale; North Halifax, Elland, West Central Halifax and Hebden Bridge.

With £1 million funding from the Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group the aims of the project are to:

  • reduce loneliness and social isolation
  • improve health and wellbeing
  • reduce demand on GP practices and hospitals

The Staying Well project is about social prescribing and making tailored connections between lonely or  isolated older people in the community with local groups, activities and services.

What is Social Prescribing in North Halifax?

There is a growing understanding that people who lead happy and active social lives enjoy better health than those who do not. Make sense really doesn’t it?

Imagine if instead of a course of tablets your GP prescribed a Mindfulness course running at the local church, or an art class at the fire station…

In North Halifax there are loads of local groups offering all kinds of social activities and things to get involved in. And there are organisations that can help you get involved, even if you’re nervous about taking that first step out of the door.

The Staying Well project understands that doctors can’t be expected to know everything on offer locally, and even if they did they wouldn’t have time to talk to patients in depth but they could prescribe a chat with someone from the North Halifax Hub.

Staying Well Community Hubs are well equipped to know what’s available in the community because they’re working with Neighbourhood Teams, Neighbourhood Schemes, libraries, community groups, voluntary organisations and other local services, residents and businesses.

Sometimes the solutions are simple and already exist locally.

Sometimes it will take more than one conversation, and the Hub might need to find some extra support like befriending or personal care to help someone get to an activity.

Sometimes what a person wants to do won’t exist yet and the Hub will need to work with individuals to develop new things.

Everyone can be a social prescriber – Tell your uncle about the new men’s group at the rugby club! Tell your neighbour about lunch clubs, history groups, community allotments, tenants and residents groups, walking football, tai chi, community choirs…

If you are feeling a bit fed up and want something to do, contact us on 01422 255402 or email

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